Hannah Burke

This is the first post in our bi-weekly series Member Monday, which will feature our members and all the awesome things they do!

For our first Member Monday, meet Hannah Burke, a junior from Lakewood, Ohio studying Political Science! Issues Hannah is passionate about are women’s rights, healthcare, wealth inequality and many more. Along with being a College Democrat, she is also the Women’s Affairs Commissioner of Student Senate. Earlier this semester, Hannah and her commission wrote a resolution which states that every year Senate will allocate a portion of their budget ($1,850) to fund a program called Take a Tampon, Leave a Tampon. This program was started in 2016 by the Period Project and puts tampons and pads in university bathrooms. This program will include eight bathrooms on campus six women’s bathrooms, and 2 gender-neutral. Ohio University became the first university in Ohio to institutionalize a program of its kind. Currently, Hannah and other Student Senate members are working on lighting on campus. This has become a major concern for many following several assaults on campus in places that have very poor lighting.