Ashley Fishwick

Hey Dems! Welcome back for another Member Monday. With elections for the 2018-2019 academic year coming up, we will be featuring more Dems who are on our current Executive Board starting with our president! Meet Ashley Fishwick, a senior from West Chester, Ohio studying English Pre-Law and Political Science. She is most passionate about women’s issues, gun control, voting rights, and criminal justice reform, especially concerning the death penalty. Ashley is currently the president of OU College Democrats, an undergraduate associate for the Center for Law, Justice & Culture, an Access to Justice Intern for Southeastern Ohio Legal Services, and a member of Phi Alpha Delta, the pre-law fraternity on campus. She recently traveled to Israel as a part of the Caravan for Democracy trip through the Jewish National Fund. After graduation, Ashley will be going back to Cincinnati to work as the Deputy Finance Director for Aftab Pureval’s congressional campaign in Ohio’s 1st District.

Clancy Thomas

Hey everyone! Welcome back for another Member Monday. Meet this week’s Featured Dem, Clancy Thomas! Clancy is a sophomore from Solon, Ohio studying history with a minor in political science. She is most passionate about education, women’s rights, LGBTG+ rights, college affordability, and much more. She is currently a Women’s Senator in Student Senate, a member of Phi Alpha Delta, the pre-law fraternity, a Margaret Boyd Scholar, and a proud OU College Dem! She interned last year for Ohio Together with a lot of other Dems, an experience she’ll never forget. She also has enjoyed her time on the Student Senate Women’s Affairs Commission and is proud of the work that they have done this year. As well as being involved in politics, she hopes to spend her career working in public history. She would also like to do a special birthday shoutout for HER president,Ashley Fishwick💞


Andy Price

Hey fellow Dems and welcome back for another Member Monday. Meet our Featured Dem for this week, Andy Price!
My name is Andy Price and I’m from Columbus, Ohio. I am a senior majoring in Political Science with minors in Economics and Military Science. I am especially passionate about economic issues, but also about giving everyone in this great country the opportunity to succeed through their own hard work. I’m proud to have served as OUCD’s Communications Director for the 2015-16 and 2016-17 school years. I’ve also been a campaign intern for both Ed FitzGerald for Governor in 2014, and Ted Strickland for Senate in 2016. In addition, I’ve had the pleasure of serving on the Athens County Democratic Central Committee since my sophomore year of college. I also previously served in the Ohio University Student Senate where I was the first independent candidate to win in several years. Outside of Dems I am currently a cadet for the Bobcat Battalion, OU’s Army ROTC, and have been enlisted in the Ohio National Guard since 2014. This summer I will be attending an economic conference in Prague, Czech Republic. In May I will be graduating and commissioning as an Engineer Officer. I can honestly say that I will never forget the many amazing adventures I’ve had because of Ohio University College Democrats.


Billie Frank

Hey everyone! Welcome back for another Member Monday. Meet Billie Frank, a senior studying Political Science with certificates in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Law, Justice and Culture. Billie is from Galion, Ohio but originally hails from the West Coast. She is passionate about women’s rights, civil rights and overall living in a society that is fair, just, that gives all of the citizens equal rights and opportunities. She is currently serving on OU Dems as the Fundraising Chair. Beyond OU Dems Billie is involved in Phi Alpha Delta, the Pre-law Fraternity, and the Women’s Center Mentoring Program on campus. Billie is looking forward to studying abroad in Northern Ireland during spring break, and is hoping to obtain a job campaigning for the Democratic Party after graduation.

Benjamin Carman

Hey Dems! Back by popular demand, Member Mondays are now every week. Get excited to meet a new member every Monday!
Meet Benjamin Andrew Carman, a freshman from Alliance, Ohio studying Computer Science and Mathematics in the Honors Tutorial College! Issues Ben is passionate about include: equality regardless of gender, color, or class, gun control, redistricting reform, universal healthcare, and criminal justice reform including the abolishment of capital punishment. Ben has seen the importance of criminal justice reform through his four years of community service at the Stark County Family Court. Having been a part of countless juvenile cases, he has seen the effectiveness of second chances, individualized sentencing, and the prioritization of rehabilitation over retribution. Outside of his involvement in OUCD, Ben is also an intern on Student Senate where he serves on the University Life Commission. Additionally, Ben is a member of the Singing Men of Ohio and University Singers and is a saxophonist too. As an Eagle Scout passionate about progressive issues, Ben is incredibly excited to continue his involvement in the Athens community through College Democrats and otherwise.


Audrey Bull

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another Member Monday. Meet Audrey Bull, a freshman from Upper Arlington, Ohio studying Business. Issues Audrey is passionate about are the rights of women and minorities, environmental protection, and education just to name a few! Outside of College Democrats, Audrey is the Director of External Communications for the Schey Sales Centre and is a Project Manager for Enactus, a social entrepreneurship organization. Last semester, Audrey volunteered at Rural Action here in Southern Ohio to help develop the local environment and economy. She contributed by putting together an issue of the watershed restoration department’s newsletter, “Life Downstream,” cleaning up the Hocking River, and assisting in creating a data management system for the organization. Being from a suburb of Columbus, Audrey was excited that she had an opportunity to learn more about issues that rural communities face.


Anthony Eliopoulos

Hey fellow Dems! Hope you’re ready and excited for second semester. To kick things off, we are back for another Member Monday. Get to know our featured Dem this week, and don’t forget to like and share!

I am honored to be the featured Dem for this week. My name is Anthony Eliopoulos I’m from Lorain, OH. I’m double majoring in Political Science Pre-Law and Journalism: Strategic Communication. I care most about everyone getting a fair shot in life to be happy, and I see public service as an opportunity for me to make that impact. Some “cool” things I’ve done: I’m currently the Communications Director for the College Democrats of Ohio. I just got back from a mission trip to Israel. Last summer I interned for Congressman G. K. Butterfield in Washington, D.C. and also Senator Sherrod Brown in Columbus. Outside of being in Dems, I enlisted in the infantry for the Ohio National Guard and am a contracted Cadet in the U.S. Army hoping to branch military intelligence. That about sums up my life! Thank you again.


Anthony Eliopoulos


Alissa Kiefer

We are back for our first Member Monday post of 2018! Meet Alissa Kiefer, a junior majoring in Psychology and Political Science from Canton, Ohio. She’s passionate about many issues, including women’s rights, wealth inequality, and education reform. Outside of College Dems, Alissa is a Women’s Affairs Senator in Student Senate and an active member of the Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity. After she graduates a year early this spring, Alissa plans to take a gap year before graduate school. During this time she plans to go back to Canton and pursue a position that will help her give back to her city, while also working directly with underprivileged kids within her community beat the same odds she faced while growing up. Alissa specifically hopes to help minimize major adversities such as food insecurity, homelessness, violence in surrounding communities, etc. that limit the success of many young people.


Bailey Williams

Hey fellow Dems! We are kicking off the start of winter break with another Member Monday, which gives you a chance to get to know one of our members a little bit better.
Meet Bailey Williams, a sophomore from Troy, Ohio studying Economics in the Honors Tutorial College! Bailey is the Membership Director for the OU College Democrats, which means he is responsible for keeping membership and retention rates high, as well as increasing diversity. Issues he is passionate about include voter rights, criminal justice reform, and income inequality. In addition to being in the Honors Tutorial College, Bailey is a member of the Templeton Scholars Program for minority undergraduates who excel in and outside of classroom while demonstrating citizenship through leadership and community service. Outside of his activities with the College Democrats, Bailey is conducting research on the correlation between photo identification laws and lower minority voter turnout in the state of South Carolina. This is a common tool used by conservative state legislators to limit minority voter turnout, since those groups tend to vote for the Democratic Party. South Carolina is just one of many states to enact these discriminatory laws since the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was gutted by the Shelby County v. Holder Supreme Court case in 2013. Bailey is fighting to establish voter protections for these vulnerable groups of people.

Hannah Burke

This is the first post in our bi-weekly series Member Monday, which will feature our members and all the awesome things they do!

For our first Member Monday, meet Hannah Burke, a junior from Lakewood, Ohio studying Political Science! Issues Hannah is passionate about are women’s rights, healthcare, wealth inequality and many more. Along with being a College Democrat, she is also the Women’s Affairs Commissioner of Student Senate. Earlier this semester, Hannah and her commission wrote a resolution which states that every year Senate will allocate a portion of their budget ($1,850) to fund a program called Take a Tampon, Leave a Tampon. This program was started in 2016 by the Period Project and puts tampons and pads in university bathrooms. This program will include eight bathrooms on campus six women’s bathrooms, and 2 gender-neutral. Ohio University became the first university in Ohio to institutionalize a program of its kind. Currently, Hannah and other Student Senate members are working on lighting on campus. This has become a major concern for many following several assaults on campus in places that have very poor lighting.