Democrats Discuss: Stop tweeting, start calling

By Alex Jackson

Clancy Thomas, a freshman studying history and political science, saw something she did not like in Ohio Senate Bill 21 last week. She didn’t complain about it out loud, nor did she send an angry tweet about it. All she did was pick up her phone and call the office of State Senator Sandra Williams (D-21) of Cleveland, who was a co-sponsor of the bill at the time, to express her concern.

Thomas, who is also a member of Ohio University College Democrats, asked Williams’ staff why she supported a bill that would make polling locations less efficient on election days and add barriers to voter registration. The staffer replied saying that Williams would “take another look at the bill.”

Two days later, Williams’ staff called Thomas back to inform her that the senator was pulling her support from the bill. “After a closer look at the bill, Senator Williams is no longer a co-sponsor of the bill,” the staffer said.

While we have our (valid) concerns about President Trump, it’s crucial not to lose sight of what our state legislature is trying to do. Our state representatives don’t think anyone is paying attention, and they’re not wrong.

One simple phone call can make a difference on serious issues that affect Ohioan’s lives, as Thomas proved last week. I hear students complain about our politics all the time. Just imagine the difference that could be made if a handful of us took a few minutes out of our day to express our concerns to our elected officials.

This is my last column of the school year, and I’m using it to call on students who are concerned about any issue that could affect their lives to follow the actions of your representatives and take action. I ask that instead of using your phone just to send angry tweets (which I’m guilty of myself), you dial your elected officials. A brief phone call can go a long way.

Alex Jackson is a freshman studying strategic communications at Ohio University. This article originally appeared on The Post online ( Do you tweet or call your representatives? Let Alex know by tweeting him @alexjackson716.

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